Who We Are

The company is the result of Mr Alfonso Peloso’s idea, who founded, in the ‘70s, OFFICINE MECCANICHE ALPE, firstly giving revision services, then manufacturing machinery for leather processing. Alfonso Peloso, a specialized technician, starts with assistance and maintenance services to the first tannery plants in Arzignano and then his career of successful business man begins. The company grows up, by the first economical investments in equipment and machinery and personnel assumptions.

At the beginning Alpe reconditions second-hand machinery, of any range and model. Soon starts the manufacture by Alpe of new machinery, specific for single-phase work. The market gives a positive feedback to Alpe for its high quality products; at the beginning of the ‘80s the company starts exporting the first reconditioned machines to many countries like Germany, France, Greece, then Turkey, Mexico, Russian Federations and so on.

From the first half of the ‘90s, thanks to the joining of the Founder’s son and daughters (Ivan Peloso as commercial director; followed later by Natascia Peloso as Accountant Chiara and Emanuela Peloso for the “Spare Parts” division), the company expresses and develops its international vocation, by an increasing export turnover, reaching new markets, like, for example India, Indonesia, Pakistan , Bangladesh, Latin America (Brazil, Argentine etc.), Africa and Oceania. The international structure of the company is reinforced by a commercial net of agents, making Alpe a clear benchmark for the market of tannery machinery and spare parts.

In the recent years, thanks to new both economical and technical resources, faces the market of the brand new by manufacturing new machinery, as the shaving machine MATRIX, the reblading machine UNIVERSAL the compacting machine BRIK, the SUPREMA splitting machine and the PREDATOR splitting machine. With the constant development and success of the new products, today Alpe is one of the main international players of the sector.