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Centro Spaccatrici Alpe Spak

Splitting Predator - ALPESPAK

  Experience drawn from our SUPREMA Splitting Machine, ALPESPAK designed and realized NEW SPLITTING MACHINE PREDATOR:   This...


Experience drawn from our SUPREMA Splitting Machine, ALPESPAK designed and realized NEW SPLITTING MACHINE PREDATOR:


This splitting machine is characterized by a revolutionary new concept (PATENTED) as regards the way to split in LIME.



This system born for the need to solve both the problem of having specialized operators, both to solve the problem of security of the same operators that were exposed to the danger of cutting and crushing as to introduce the hides had to approach the blade.


It has been maintained the system of the articulated roller which acts on the rubber roller and upper transport roller, but the whole was wrapped by special belt sleeves. These special belt sleeves facilitate the hide introduction, and at the same time protect the internal machine parts preserving them from wear and drastically reducing the cleaning time.
Moreover the belts have eliminated the problem of marking of the hides caused by transport rollers more or less aggressive, and the lowering of thickness caused by the various trims that was blocking the articulated roller.
The belts are always constantly cleaned by an high pressure washing system that acts only at the time of hide for a few seconds in order to avoid unnecessary wastage of water. The other advantage, thanks to the belts introduction system we obtained a 80% less of trimming, in some cases even 100% greatly increasing the quality of the product.


with an average of mt/min You can work 300-400 hides per hour, depending on the type of the same.






PREDATOR makes possible to introduce in automatic hides without operator that normally manually loads the hides as in all traditional splitting machines.
In addition there is the possibility to create a continuous line between fleshing machine and splitting machine itself, avoiding the formation of hides accumulations and eliminating big waste of time.

1 Upper conveyor belt

2 Lower conveyor belt





Fully stainless steel feature supported by sliding guides to allow a full opening to facilitate the cleaning, maintenance and change of blade.

Upper and lower beam rotatable on the fulcrum to facilitate the possible change of the belts.

Working width mm 3100/3200/3400
Lenght mm 7600
Width mm 1950
Height mm 2100
Net weight kg 18240
Installed power kw 38
decades of experience
This project born keeping the basic geometries of hides splitting gained from decades of experience with the production of Sigma and then the Supreme machines.