Size: Lenght: 7000 mm
Width: 1300 mm
Height: 1800 mm
Net weight: 3000 Kg
Installed power: 11 Kw
Absorbed power: 9 Kw
Necessary compressed air: 40 mc/h


Machine built up in steel on sole body frame, solid and strong carrying structure with special materials and adequate treatments able to sustain continuous movements, bending and vibrations.

1 Un-blading
2 Automatic Re-blading
3 Automatic grinding system and sharpening system
4 Automatic Balancing of knife roller
5 Automatic Balancing of any kind stone (splitting, shaving)

1° – Unblading by roll rotation with converter and rotative hammer pneumatic unblader


2° – Cylinder cleaning by manual vidia scraper and cylinder adequate speed. Obtained by inverter.


3° – Blades assembly by copper, with adequate dimensions, according to the blade thickness. The Blade lock is by a pushing wheel on copper while the copper is beaten by a pneumatic hammer, the whole process happens automatically with the cylinder variable rotation.


4° – Head blade cutting at the cylinder length


5° – Automatic and continuous rectification of the blades by sharpener control; variable speed roller by inverter, according to the hiding of different types of blades, going on and repeating till the rectification is completed.


6° – Check of the four cardinal points of the cylinder centering by a comparator.


7° – High speed cylinder rotation (from about 400 to 800 rev. ) by inverter, with high precision electronic balancing of the two cylinder sides.


  1. The position of the pneumatic hammer is vertical, placed above the roller and in front of the operator; this hammer allows the ‘tool’ to work exactly for all its width of mm 250.
    Beating the copper without pulling it (without the stretching effect), we avoid that the coppers break itself, making impossible the un-blade operations. The copper is introduced easily and the groove remains clean and in perfect conditions.


  1. The hammer is totally automatic: means that it is positioned, can be lifted up or down automatically by
    pushing a button, it starts automatically to beat.
    In other re-blading machines the operator shall accompany the pneumatic hammer which is fixed on the re-blading machine by hand and always push the button for let it working; keeping in hand the hammer means to absorb all the vibrations).


  1. Our machine is the only one which allows balancing each blade rollers at the same speed which the roller is running on the shaving or fleshing m/c or whatever. This thanks to a proper ‘inverter’ for changing the speed; the balancing happens at speed of 900 r.p.m. – max.


  1. The coil of the copper has been placed laterally respect to the operator and follows by itself the movement of the turning roller.


  1. The rectifying operations happens in automatic and the stone grinder is running at the same speed, as it was the shaving roller installed on the shaving m/c.


The whole functioning is possible thanks to a solid electric panel, organized according to the following work phases, starting from the first to the last one:
This machine, beside having been built for reblading of the cylinders for shaving and fleshing machines, can be used also for others balancing operations, depending on the length and diameters of the pieces introduced in to the machine.

rilamatrice-universal- alpe-1